Powerful & Effective Solutions

Flexible and Cost-Effective Plans


$49 / $33*

  • 24/7 Support
  • USA-based service representatives
  • Capture New Inquiries
  • Capture Detailed Guest Messages
  • Transfer Urgent calls to PM's On-Call representative
  • Email communication to multiple recipients
  • Limited ability to configure call routing
  • Real-time dashboard of all calls' statuses

  • 0 Inbound Minutes included
  • 30-second billing increments
  • Inbound Minutes: $1.49 per minute
  • $0 Setup fee
  • Month-to-Month Service

$175 / $115*

All Starter Services plus:
  • 90 Inbound Minutes included
  • Instant communication via email & SMS
  • Additional Inbound Minutes: $1.49
  • Flexible call routing options
  • $0 Setup fee
  • Month-to-Month Service

$325/ $215*

All Basic Services plus:

  • All PM's reservation information stored in AnswerPoint system to allow reps to quickly and easily solve common issues
  • Integration with all modern PMS systems
  • System intelligence combined with skilled reps solves most issues quickly - improving guest satisfaction and reduces call time and costs
  • NO rep PMS access is required!
  • Instant communication of Arrival/Access information including directions and passcodes
  • Instant communication of in-property reference information (including WiFi passwords)
  • Capture New Inquiries and option to transfer inquiry calls to PM's reservation team and/or notification via SMS
  • Dedicated community hotline phone line
  • Multiple transfer call options available  (sequential or simultaneous calls)
  • 180 Inbound Minutes included
  • Additional inbound minutes: $1.39
  • $299 Setup fee*
  • Month-to-Month Service

*Distribute your properties on Rentalz.com and receive 33% discount from base rate. 
33% discount on setup fees if properties are distributed on Rentalz.com

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Live USA-Based Agents - 24/7

Your callers should never reach a voice mail box.  Elevate your service by providing a human touch - for whatever reason they are calling

Despite providing your guests with information via email, text, property guides - it's not uncommon for your guests to call you to ask questions.  

AnswerPoint houses most reference information in its secure database, with the information integrated with your PMS.   When a caller reaches out, AnswerPoint reps will instantly have the information about your customer at their fingertips, and truly within seconds, your guests will receive the information they need via SMS or email.  And if it's a simple question such as the access code or WiFi password, our reps can instantly just provide the information by phone.

While the AnswerPoint system houses most of the information to allow our reps to solve many issues.  This prevents the need to send non-urgent calls to your staff. 

But when important situations arise, the powerful tools built into AnswerPoint allow our representatives to reach your team members using the priority rules that you set to determine who on your team receives urgent calls and in which order.  

Plus with AnswerPoint - you have the ability to change the schedule using an easy-to-use control panel.

We marry the best of state-of-the-industry technology with well-trained USA-based reps to deliver your guests with enhanced service when they reach out.  Plus calls are followed up with easy-to-understand emails directed to your staff members,  instantly communicating the key points of each call via email.  Plus your guests receive instant information via SMS and email.

Plus we have full transparency on all calls in an accessible dashboard that lists all calls by type.

By having your reservation information securely stored in the AnswerPoint system, calls can be handled quickly and effectively - which not only leads to greater guest satisfaction but also allows us to provide our services in very cost-effective plans.  With our low monthly rates, you won't be paying high fees in your slow seasons.